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You can still love yourself and be a work in progress...

Are you still interested in losing weight without working out every day and cutting out foods that you love?


Personal Trainers with Life Experience who care

Welcome to Brisbane's Longest Running Boot Camp! We train outdoors, and also have taken our program online for ladies who are short on time but want maximum results

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Active Chicks Prides ourselves on our all inclusive community vibe. We do not leave anyone behind, and meet you where you are at. It is so much easier to succeed with a family behind you. 


We help our members grow into a more positive mindset where they see fitness and wellness as a gift, and less of a chore. To develop self compassion along the journey and ditch any negative thoughts holding them back. 


We incorporate ALL elements of fitness into each class. We are mindful of the body and helping it to grow strong, without causing injury. While other companies may pride themselves on being brutal, we pride ourselves on smart yet challenging workouts to achieve the best results for someone leading a busy life. 


We use a variety of methods with nutrition, because one size does not fit all. First of all, we teach you how to make better choices to fuel your body for results. Then when you have mastered that, we will then show you how to master macro counting to adopt a more flexible approach to food while still getting results 

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