About Us

Move Your Body. Fuel Your Body. Respect Your Body. 

We are a family owned business who pride ourselves on creating a balanced health and fitness program for people to reach their goals, and feel good in the process. 

It is less about restriction and smashing yourself constantly, and more about building a strong body and strong mind to lead a healthy and happy life.

We want to take the overwhelm away, and help you to take small steps forward. 

Our programs are created to fit into your life, no matter how busy. AND can be catered to for the whole family. 

Formally known as Active Chicks, we started in 2009 and have rebranded into Active FitCo & expanded our services. 

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Meet The Team


Glenn & Dani 

Director's and Head Trainers 

Parents to 5 children aged 4-17. 

Dani has been a trainer since 16 years old and lives and breathes fitness. She is best known as the brain behind the business, and for her endless variety of workouts. 

Glenn is a PT & rugby coach and loves all things fitness, sport and positivity. He is best known for his cheeky smile, and putting his own spin on things, despite the objections! haha 



Tash started out as a client and has been for the past 7 years. She has recently became qualified and enjoys leading our members to challenge themselves. 

Tash is a mum of 2, and is one busy lady. She is known for her crazy high energy, loving supplements, trying new things, and being super encouraging and supportive. 



Brandi is Glenn & Dani's eldest daughter who has recently graduated high school. Brandi studied her cert 3 & 4 in fitness during high school after being inspired to work in the fitness industry through sports she played and helping out in the business. Brandi's sporting background is dancing, netball and running. She recently has gotten into strength training, and has enjoyed learning more in this field. 

Personal Trainer 
Fit family rochedale

I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you..

In 2009 Active Chicks Fitness was created by Danielle as a boot camp in the park for women to come and workout, and find their happy place. 

For 12 years, we have helped hundreds of women lose weight, get strong and find themselves again. It has been an absolute ride, and one we cherish so much. 

Glenn became certified in 2013 and has been a huge part of the business for the past 8+ years. 

Over time as our family grew in numbers and age, our children became a part of the business, and we recognised the need to evolve. We want to push the conversation more to creating healthy families and what that looks like. 

In a busy and modern world, it is very easy to become disconnected from each other. We want to help families simplify, get healthy and enjoy being active all together. 

Whether you check us out as a family, or on your own, we would love to welcome you into our fitness family. You will be supported and loved along the way to your health and fitness goals. 

Glenn, Dani 

Brandi, Kobe, Jack, Trae & Daisy 


Group Fitness Instructor