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Scroll below to learn more about Life Coaching and how I help transform the lives of people who are seeking something more in their busy and stressed out lives.


We help you to figure out exactly what you want, work with you to correctly set inspiring goals, and then create strategies to ensure success

What is a Life Coach?

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." 

Albert Einstein 

A Life Coach is someone who is dedicated to helping you unlock negative patterns and behaviours so they can learn to live up to their full potential. 

This type of coaching focuses on helping an individual identify what is going on inside, and helps them to learn to solve problems on their own with easy to follow strategies and action. 

What Life Coaching is not? 

We do not tell you what to do. We do not give you all of the answers. 

We do however listen, ask powerful questions and help to guide you along your journey, whilst keeping you accountable to yourself.


Danielle has been a qualified coach since 2018 after discovering her clients needed something more. It has been a powerful too to add to her skills and has helped many women move forward with a clear vision.  


Who Do I Work With?

I mainly work with people who are feeling uninspired, flat, lost and lacking passion in life. Who are feeling a bit low with mental health and want to change.

I love to help you find your spark, drive and love of life again. 

Or to find a new passion, career or better relationships... 

I work with you 1 on 1 via phone or Zoom. So location isn't a barrier. ​

How does it work?

Upon enquiry, you will fill out our pre coaching questionnaire. 

We then schedule a free 30 minute chat to go over it, discuss potential goal areas and address any questions you may have. 

If you decide to go ahead, the coaching series is 6x fortnightly coaching calls with unlimited email / messenger access for 3 months. 

The flow and workload is all led by you, so it can fit into your life with less pressure.

See below for costs and testimonials. 


12 Week Coaching Series…


Through 6 x 45 minute sessions held over 12 weeks, you’ll claim the desires you are craving, develop the bravery to go after them through mindset shifts, specific action, and supporting tools, and leave in a kick-ass friendship with yourself! 


1/ Fill in your pre-coaching questionnaire. This is a must for all new clients, and of itself will be illuminating, inspiring and perhaps eye-opening. Take your time, be honest with yourself, and perhaps have a cup of coffee handy (or a cocktail!)


2/ Once this has been returned we will have a complimentary 30 minute Consultation Session (online) to discuss your questionnaire, and see if we can work together! If so we move into:


3/ A coaching series of x6 fortnightly 45 minute sessions over 12 weeks*, either over the phone. In these sessions we will first define your desires and then set clear, relevant action steps for you to complete between each session.


4/ Between sessions you have unlimited access to email me for extra support, to cheer you on, provide nudges and nuggets of wisdom, and to hold you accountable. Thats where the secret lies!



$60 AUD per week ($720) in total)

or $690 AUD when paid in full

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